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Power & Charging Devices: Panamax Power360

The Panamax Power360 series is an affordably priced product line designed to protect and charge all electronic devices.

The Power360 line offers a “Circle of Protection” indicator providing consumers with three vital pieces of information in real-time, right on the front of the unit. “Protection” ensures that connected devices are protected from power surges, “Voltage” confirms that the incoming voltage is in a safe range, and “Wiring” shows that the home’s wiring is performing safely. In the event of a catastrophic power or spike, Power360’s Protect-or-Disconnect circuitry will disconnect all power to connected equipment before any damage can occur.

The Power 360 Series includes the P360-Dock, P360-6 and P360- 8. Each product offers an integrated 2.1 amp USB charger with two ports. The P360-Dock is a wall-mounted charging station designed to allow consumers to rest two smartphones or a tablet on top while charging. It includes six surge-protected 120V outlets. The P360-6 power strip is designed for general use and home office power management, providing six side-by-side surge protected outlets, plus a coaxial in/out connection that protects the signal for the cable or satellite box. P360-8 combines eight surge-protected outlets plus the coaxial in/ out for signal protection.