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Porsche Accelerates In Home Audio

The DNA of a Porsche race car is the inspiration for a new home sound system from Porsche Design.

The new 911 Soundbar is a hi-fi system that features a subwoofer made from the rear muffler and tailpipes of the current model of Porsche’s 911 GT3 sports car. Upon powering up, the sound of a 911 GT3’s ignition plays as a prelude.

The soundbar is a 2.1 Virtual Surround system with 200-watt output, Dolby Digital Decoder, DTS TruSurround, Bluetooth 3.0, two digital inputs and one analog output, and an LED display.

Similar to the GT3, the muffler plays an essential role in generating sound with more-or-less reversed functionality of the original parts. Unlike a car, the rear section and tailpipes on the 911 Soundbar are used as resonators that channel rearward sound to activate air within the muffler’s pipe system. The result is an extremely high-level of efficiency in the corresponding frequencies, Porsche claimed, adding that in lieu of the air volume, this translates into a sound threshold which is deeper, higher and quantitatively louder.

The 911 sound system will be available in select Porsche Design Stores and Porsche dealerships this fall. Prices to be announced.