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Pop & Switch: Logitech Simplifies Home Control (Again)

Logitech is corralling home control with the push of a button — and no, it’s not with a remote.

The company has launched a new smart-home device meant to simply the use of multiple brands. The 2.4-inch square Pop Switch let consumers operate multiple smart-home devices with the press of a button.

As Harmony Hub users have been able to do, consumers can set scenes in their home to activate multiple devices. For example, if someone wants to watch TV, pressing the Pop Home Switch can dim Philips Hue bulbs, turn on the TV and soundbar, and open the shades. Compatible brands include Philips, Lutron and Insteon, among others.

To set up, the accompanying iPhone and Android Pop app will scan a home’s Wi-Fi network for compatible devices. Devices can then be assigned to a switch. Several devices can be assigned to a single switch — an action known as Recipes — allowing Scenes to be programmed.

Pressing the switch in different ways — single, double or a long press — can result in different reactions, allowing multiple combinations.

Consumers who own a Harmony Hub-based remote can also use the Pop Home Switch to trigger the remote’s preprogrammed task groupings (a.k.a. Activities).

The Logitech Pop Home Switch Starter Pack will come with a bridge and two switches for a $100 suggested retail. Add-on switches cost $40. They will be available this month.