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PlayStation4 Getting New Features

San Mateo, Calif. — Sony Computer Entertainment America plans a March 26 release of a PlayStation4 software update that includes a suspend/resume feature that lets gamers leave a game and quickly resume the game where they left off.

The version 2.50 update, codenamed Yukimura, also adds more social features, including a Facebook Friend Finder and new ways for users to see what friends are playing.

The suspend/resume feature will be supported by almost all PS4 titles, enabling users to put the PS4 in a rest mode and then quickly resume a game where they left off by pressing the PlayStation button on the DualShock 4 wireless controller to wake up the system.

The update will also let users back up the PS4’s hard drive to an external USB drive. Backed-up data includes settings, saved data, screenshots and video clips as well as games, patches and download data.

PS4 owners will also be able to easily view what their Facebook friends are playing by adding a Friends Who Play This section on each game detail page. The PS4 will highlight which friends are online and playing the game.

A What’s New section lets users see what their friends are currently playing, enabling them to join in the game if they own it.

Yukimura will also automatically capture a screenshot when a trophy is earned to make it easier for users to share a gaming moment with friends. The update will also make it easy for players to share Trophy information to Facebook, Twitter or Message by pressing the share button.

Also new:
–For 60 fps games, users will be able to stream the games at 60fps via Wi-Fi for both remote play and share play on supported devices.

–Systems will be able to automatically install future system software updates.

–Players will be able to upload video clips directly to Dailymotion via the Share button.

The PlayStation Vita and PlayStation App for smartphones and tablets will also get software updates, adding complementary features to those in the PS4 updates. PS Vita version 3.50 and PlayStation App version 2.50 will also add new accessibility options, such as enlarged text and increased contrast. The update also enables PS Vita systems to support 60 fps remote-play streaming.