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Plantronics Introduces Bluetooth Headset Duo

Plantronics is offering two new Bluetooth-enabled headsets, the premium Tahiti model, which features a “unique” stylish design with “innovative” charging system, and the Tonga, a unit said to deliver convenience and comfort for entry-level Bluetooth cellphone users.

The Tahiti offers a charging system, said to be an “industry first,” according to Plantronics. It includes an AAA battery charger that continuously recharges the headset while not in use, providing 25 hours of talk time.

The unit, at a suggested under-$200 retail, is convenient for traveling and comes in a 3-inch by 6-inch brushed aluminum carrying case.

The Tonga is an affordable headset, at a suggested under-$50 retail that features nine hours of talk time and an “intuitive, easy-to-use” control to answer/end calls and adjust volume. This unit will be available in the summer.