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Pioneer Debuts CM56 Bookshelf System

Pioneer Home Entertainment is going retro in design and cutting-edge in functionality with its new X-CM56 CD-receiver system, a digital bookshelf audio solution.

The X-CM56 features both Bluetooth and NFC streaming. Its Bluetooth auto-connect and standby functions power up the unit and start playback immediately when wireless connections are made, even if the product has been switched off.

The chassis comes in white or black woodgrain design, and its speakers can be installed both vertically and horizontally.

The compact form factor boasts an overall output of 30 watts — 15 watts per speaker — and dual 94mm cone woofers and 50mm cone tweeters.

The unit can play audio from CDs and USB sticks, and has a full range FM/AM tuner.

For the environmentally conscious, the X-CM56 has a standby power consumption of less than 0.5 watts, as well as power-off mode that enters standby when not in use.

It’s now available with a $199 retail.