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Origin Acoustics Debuts New Speaker Lines

Product include subwoofers, home theaters speakers, outdoor loudspeakers, and more.

Origin Acoustics unveiled a wealth of new speaker products at a CEDIA 2018 press conference yesterday, including new subwoofers, new home theaters speakers, a marine loudspeaker collection, outdoor loudspeakers and Amazon Echo Dot wall-mount for its Valet System.

On the subwoofer front, Origin debuted the CSUB12 in-wall subwoofer that that fits in a standard stud bay and is installed in advance of the drywall, a discreet visual effect. The SUBDD12EQ is an addition to the Deep Subwoofer collection and features two active 12-inch woofers, both side mounted at a 90-degree angle to each other. They are driven by 1,200 watts of internal power.

The new architectural home theater system, the Marquee Collection, has several models to address various theater configurations. The Marquee front channel LCR’s boast a driver configuration with dual eight-inch woofers, dual five-inch midrange drivers and a single compression driver. The drivers are mounted in a steel baffle attached to a sealed, extruded aluminum enclosure. The enclosure can mount in or on the wall depending on the homeowner’s preference. Various grille options, from slatted wood to a more conventional perforated metal, are available.

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Outside the home, Origin goes to yard with its Seasons Bollard loudspeaker. The Bollard tackles the challenge of producing bass response from individual outdoor speakers in a very attractive aesthetic. Each Bollard has its own 6 ½-inch sub in the base of each enclosure. Burying the small sub base in the ground, the larger portion of the enclosure is hidden from sight. The upper structure is a round enclosure design and houses the four-inch mid/high frequency transducer 18 inches above the ground.

Venturing even further outside the home, the Explorer collection is a marine-grade loudspeaker offering that is made up of eight models with extreme waterproofing. The grilles feature a special coating that is superior to any competitive electroplated and powder coated grille surface, the company says. This same coating is used to weatherize all exposed crossover components and connections. Additional gaskets were inserted into any spaces that would allow water penetration and stainless-steel hardware was used to avoid corrosion. The actual speaker wire connections are made with Phoenix connectors to insure a secure path for the audio signal.

Finally, Origin added a wall-mount for the Amazon Echo Dot to its Valet system, named the Dot Wall Mount. In this offering is a clever mounting system that hides the Dot behind a speaker grille in the ceiling, clearing it from countertops and shelves in the living space.

See all of the new offerings at booth 3042 at CEDIA 2018.