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Netgear Plugs Into HomePlug AV2

San Jose, Calif. – Netgear shipped its first powerline-network adapter incorporating the HomePlug AV2 standard, which doubles the speed of the Home Plug AV standard to deliver gigabit speed over a home’s electrical wires.

The Powerline 1200 adapter kit (PL1200) is available in the U.S. in stores and online at a suggested $79.99. The Powerline 1200+ extra-outlet adapter kit (PLP1200) will be available in May starting at a suggested $89.99. Both kits contain two adapters and two Ethernet cables.

The technology is designed to improve speeds and expand in-home coverage over Wi-Fi networks for networked devices that are far from a wireless router or in homes with Wi-Fi-blocking brick walls. The standard uses multiple simultaneous data streams (MIMO) and beamforming technology to extend range and improve speed, making it suitable for 4K video streaming, multiroom IPTV, lag-free online gaming, and whole-home video monitoring, Netgear said.

“Powerline technology is ideal for reliably extending your Internet connection through multiple walls and even at long distances to any room of your home to get the best network coverage possible,” the company said.

To set up and install a Powerline 1200 adapter, consumers plug it into a power outlet and use the “pick-a-plug” LED indicator light to determine which outlet delivers the best performance. After the adapter is plugged in, users plug an Ethernet cable into the adapter and into the device that needs to be networked.

The Powerline 1200+ adds a noise-filtered, pass-through power outlet so consumers will still be able to plug TVs, game consoles, or other devices into an outlet being used by the 1200+.

Up to 16 Netgear adapters can be plugged into a home network. The adapters automatically power down when not in use to save energy.

“Powerline has become an increasingly popular networking solution because of the explosive growth in connected-AV devices and the high speeds and reliability required to support demanding applications such as HD video streaming and online gaming,” said product manager Oleg Fishel.