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Nest Connecting To Home-Automation Systems

Denver — Nest’s learning thermostat and smoke/carbon-monoxide detector will integrate with installed home-automation systems for the first time, Nest announced on the eve of the CEDIA Expo.

Systems from Control4, Crestron, Remote Technologies Incorporated, (RTI) and Universal Remote Control (URC) on display at the Expo will integrate with the Nest products, the company said. Dropcam now also works with Nest products, the company added.

Nest’s products and the Dropcam are available from major distributors including AVAD, The Catalyst Group and Power House Alliance.

Nest’s products already integrate with products from Whirlpool, Jawbone and LIFX under the Works With Nest program and became available in June.

Nest-connected appliances know not to run when energy prices are high or light bulbs are flashing because the smoke alarm went off, said Matt Rogers, Nest founder and engineering VP. “Professional installers are a key market partner for Nest,” he said.

With Dropcam security-camera integration, Dropcam records a clip of a smoke or CO event when a Nest smoke/CO detector goes off and automatically saves the clip, even if the user isn’t paying for an optional Cloud recording service, Nest said. In addition, when a consumer sets the thermostat to its “away” setting and leaves the house, Dropcam automatically turns on motion alerts. Dropcam provides access to live or stored video from a computer, tablet or smartphone and sends alerts to mobile devices.