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Need A Ride At CES 2017? QFX Launching Its Electric-Powered Scooters

QFX has launched a series of electric-powered scooters, and it will be showcasing them at CES 2017 next month.

All four models are powered by UL Certified lithium-ion batteries with full recharge circuit protection, said QFX. 

The BIK-3 features a fold-up skateboard design for easy storage with handle bars. It has a top speed of 12 mph a driving range of up to 17 miles. A full recharge takes two hours. Suggested retail is $299.

The BIK-5 ($399) is a sit-down drift bike model that comes with a non-slip seat and foot rests. The steel extension bar with wheel enables the rider to make full 360-degree drift turns, said QFX. It also has a duty hand brake and oversized wheels for improved safety. Suggested retail of the BIK-5 is $399.99

The BIK-7 ($499) fully collapsible bike has 10-inch tires, a driving range of up to 25 miles with a maximum speed of 20 mph. Features include a hand-controlled power-assisted brake, adjustable seat with shock absorber, and a red LED display with a speedometer.

The BIK-9 ($599), another fully collapsible model, has adjustable-height handlebars, padded seat, headlamp, LCD display with speedometer, dual front spring-loaded shock absorbers. It also features an adjustable-speed gear box, hand-control breaks, 10-inch wheels with protective fenders, and a kickstand. Driving range is up to 25 miles, and top speed is 20 mph.

All are scheduled to ship in March 2017.