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Mylio Image Organizer Promises Speed

New York — New photo- and video-organization software introduced today from MyLo promises to help make life easier for photo professionals and shutterbug enthusiasts alike.

The new Mylio software and apps provide “a complete solution” for organizing vast libraries of photos between multiple storage locations and quickly retrieving them on a variety of devices.

Mylio is said to bring pictures together from Facebook, Flickr, SD cards, camera rolls, computers, CDs, DVDs and hard drives into a common place.

It also automatically replicates pictures to a phone, notebook or tablet, allowing users to find images wherever they are, even where no Internet access is available.

MyLo said its software automatically protects pictures in the event that a computer is stolen or incapacitated. Protection methods can be determined by the user, whether it’s using the Cloud or another preferred means.

The software is designed for simplicity of use and speed, even with RAW files, so that specific images can be rapidly scrolled through for rapid selection.

“We recognized a growing need for photographers and consumers to protect, access and share all their photos everywhere they go and on every device they own,” stated David Vaskevitch, MyLo CEO. “We formed a unique team of world-class software developers, designers and photographers to build a solution that satisfies this need and allows people to enjoy their photos again.”

MyLo is offering the Mylio software both online and through photo specialty retailers. Three subscription plans are available to fit different needs: 

•           Mylio Basic Plan ($50 a year), supports JPEG image files only, and provides simple editing, access by up to three devices, and organizes up to 50,000 images.

•           Mylio Standard Plan ($100 a year) offers support for both JPEG and RAW files, full editing, and support for up to five devices and up to 100,000 images.

•           Mylio Advanced Plan ($250 a year) offers multi-location support, workflow up to 10 devices, and support for up to 500,000 images.

MyLo is offering a trial free trial plan, with support for 1,000 files on three devices.

Mylio software will run on computers with OSX 10.8 or later; Windows 7 and 8; iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch running iOS 7 or later; and, coming in 2015, Android tablets and phones.