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More Ways To Feel Safe With Logitech’s Circle, Swann’s Professional HD

More choices are coming to consumers in the DIY security market.

Logitech is reentering the Wi-Fi security-camera market after an absence of a year, and Swann unveiled a new surveillance-system price point of $949 with four included cameras. It joins a $1,299 version with eight cameras.  

Here’s what the companies launched:


Logitech’s Logi Circle Portable Home Connection Camera, available this month at a suggested $199, is the second product introduced under the company’s new Logi label. The camera enables live HD streaming to a phone and incorporates speaker and microphone so users can listen in via a mobile-device app and hold a conversation. Scene Intuition learns home-life patterns to prevent “spam” alerts, the company said. It also automatically generates a daily 30-second fast-motion video summary that users can access from a smartphone connection to Logitech’s included 24-hour cloud-storage service.

The security camera magnetically mounts to a magnetic charging ring that powers the device and recharges the camera’s internal battery. The battery enables users to take the camera from room to room, and it delivers up to three hours of continuous streaming or up to 12 hours of standby time.

Swann’s networked $949 Professional HD Security System with 24-day eight-channel hard-drive recorder and four included indoor/outdoor cameras.


The company’s newest security-camera system is the networked $949 Professional HD Security System with 24-day, eight-channel networked hard-drive recorder and four included indoor/outdoor cameras. The cameras feature night vision and motion detection, connect via Ethernet cable to the recorder, and get power from the recorder via Power over Ethernet (PoE).

It joins a model with the same capabilities with eight included cameras at $1,299.

Both models differ from other Swann security-camera systems, a spokesperson said, in offering eight recording channels, ability to capture license plates, night vision distance of up to 100 feet, microphones built into the camera with a 16-foot audio range, live viewing and playback on smartphones and tablets, and ability to send email alerts with an attached picture.

Captured content can be transferred via USB to storage devices, viewed from an Android or iOS mobile device, or viewed on an HDMI-connected TV or VGA-connected LCD monitor.