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microsysiHome Expands AirPlay, Taps Android


iHome is expanding its selection of Air-
Play-enabled tabletop speaker to four models, from one,
with the launch of the iW2, iW3 and iW4.

The company is also showing its first two tabletop
speakers that charge an Android
smartphone and play its music
through an analog auxiliary input.

In AirPlay speakers, the company
plans first-quarter shipments of the
iW2 at a tentative suggested $199. It
features embedded Wi-Fi to stream
music from an iTunes-equipped PC
or from Apple’s iOS mobile devices.
It also features back-panel USB
port to charge iPhones, iPod and
iPads and stream their music via
USB cable. It comes with two active
and two passive drivers, Bongiovi
Digital Power Station technology to
improve the sound of compressed
music, Ethernet port, adjustable EQ,
remote to control the menus of the
USB-connected Apple mobile devices,
aux in, and free iHome Internet-radio and alarmclock
apps. It measures 5.83 inches by 10.52 inches
by 3.03 inches.

The small, vertically oriented iW3 AirPlay speaker, due
in September at a tentative suggested $229, is an AC/
DC model with internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
It also features back-panel USB to play music from a
cable-connected iPod, iPhone or iPad but charges only
the iPhone and iPod when it’s plugged into an AC outlet.
It has two active and two passive speakers, Bongiovi
DPS, embedded Wi-Fi, Ethernet, aux in and a remote.
It measures 8.9 inches by 4.61 inches by 4.61 inches.

The iW4 is a bedside AirPlay-enabled speaker due in
late 2012 at a tentative suggested
$299. It features an FM tuner, dual
alarms, battery backup, Ethernet
and Wi-Fi, aux in and a USB port
for updates.

In Android-charging speakers,
the company is launching
the iC50FM alarm clock, which
docks with and charges Android
phones via a sliding MicroUSB
connector that slides left and
right to ensure the docked phone
is always centered. The phone’s
music plays through the speaker’s
aux input. Users wake to the
radio or a tone. A free app is available
for additional wake and sleep
options. It ships in the second
quarter at $49.

The iC16 portable AC/DC alarm clock stereo speaker
charges Android and other smartphones through its
USB charging port and plays back the smartphone’s
music via an aux input. It ships in the first quarter at $49.

Another new product, the iD99 docking clock radio,
lacks AirPlay but features dual docks to charge an iPod
and an iPad simultaneously. It features FM radio, dual
alarms and aux in. It will retail for a tentative suggested
$129. Ship date wasn’t announced.