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MERA Launches 12-Volt Task Forces

The Mobile Enhancement Retailers Association (MERA) is creating two task forces to help the autosound industry improve supplier-retailer relationships.

A task force for suppliers and one for retailers will meet once a month for several months to create a wish list of ideas on how to improve supplier-retailer relations. Once the list is pared down, representative of the groups will meet to discuss what items are actionable and how to implement them. The aim is to create a “code of conduct.”

Any 12-volt specialty retailer or supplier may volunteer for the task force, which will require one hour per week to attend teleconference meetings. The first meeting is expected in March.

Participants need not be MERA members.

“I think that there’s always been a little bit of a gap [between suppliers and retailers], but I think that gap has widened substantially over the last 10 years,” said MERA president Barry Vogel.

“Manufacturers set up policies and programs without knowing what retailers are facing at the street level, and retailers need to know that they have responsibilities to the suppliers,” he explained.

Interested industry members may contact Vogel at [email protected].