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This Is Logitech’s New Logo & ‘Logi’ Brand

Newark, Calif. — Logitech unveiled a new logo and a new “Logi” label as part of its evolution into a more design-focused manufacturer.

It has decided to drop the “tech” in its name for certain lines because, unlike when the company was founded in 1981, technology now “rules our lives,” a company spokesman told TWICE.  “The presence of it is implied, making ‘tech’ nonessential to the name.”

The PC accessories stalwart turned tablet accessories standout said the new Logi brand will be featured on both former and upcoming products, most notably new categories it enters and products in its mobility and gaming categories. Its core computer peripherals are also scheduled to integrate the new Logitech logo and bright colors, the spokesman said.

Logitech just recently completed a three-year turnaround designed to combat the falling PC sales to which it had once hitched its wagon. It was the No. 1 seller of both PC keyboards and mice for the April 2014 to April 2015 period, according to The NPD Group, while its Ultimate Ears division was the No. 4 seller of Bluetooth speakers.

A spokesman said they company plans to launch something with the new label “just around the corner,” with more products due in the fall.