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Logitech Gives Remotes A Refresh With Harmony Elite

Logitech has redesigned its top-of-the-line Harmony remote.

The Harmony Elite, engineered for both home-automation and home-theater control, is an updated version of the Harmony Ultimate and will replace that model. Like the Ultimate, the Elite features support for up to 15 devices for use with more than 270,000 different products.

Logitech said it used consumer feedback for its redesign, moving the touchscreen to the top and adding dedicated buttons for lighting and temperature controls. It also features motion sensing and vibration feedback.  

As with previous Harmony remotes, users can set groups of tasks into one action, so pressing “Watch a Movie,” for example, would turn on the TV and speakers and dim the lights.

The included Harmony Hub will relay signals from the remote or the Harmony mobile iOS and Android app, enabling control through walls or closed doors.

Suggested retail is $349. The remote comes with the Harmony Hub, two IR mini blasters, a charging station, USB cable and two AC adapters.

A company spokeswoman told TWICE the Harmony Home Control has been renamed as the Harmony Companion.