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Koss Bows Flagship Studio Headphones

Milwaukee — Koss’ autumn drumbeat of new products continued Tuesday with the launch of the Pro4S Studio, its new flagship headphones for pro-audio users. 

Michael J. Koss, president and CEO, told TWICE the model was designed specifically for use when making music.

“We took a look back at all the ergonomic works that we’ve done on different headphones over time. We looked at the things that worked best, and then we combined those elements in the design in terms of comfort, creating a perfect seal, and we were able to combine those elements with the new SLX40 transducer, which is really specially tuned with studio listening experience.”

Features of the Pro4S Studio include the company’s D-profile ear-cup design, meant to mimic the shape of the ear for a solid seal; aluminum ear cups with memory foam and leather cushions; a foam- and mesh-wrapped metal headband; and a fold-flat design.  

The detachable cord can be used with either ear, and once the cord is attached, the other jack can be used for pass-through listening or daisy-chaining.

They’re currently available at a $149 suggested retail. A travel case is included. 

Koss has introduced new Bluetooth headphones, new wired headphones and its first portable Bluetooth speaker in the past few weeks.

Look for the Nov. 17 print issue of TWICE for an exclusive one-on-one interview with Michael J. Koss and marketing director Michael J. Koss, Jr.