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KEF Brings Reference Sound To Its New R Series

Loudspeakers said to feature “over 1,000” updates

KEF has launched a new series of loudspeakers as part of a two-year project described as a top-to-bottom transformation of its Reference series.

The number of changes to the line are said to total more than 1,000, but they can be boiled down to six major updates, according to Jack Sharkey, KEF technical services and marketing content manager.

  • They add the 12th-gen Uni-Q Driver technology, which time-aligns the tweeter and midrange to become a single point source, he said. In addition to increasing speaker clarity and articulation, Uni-Q also broadens the soundstage.
  • The cabinet geometry is thinner and helps with diffraction and clarity.
  • The crossovers have been completely updated.
  • The magnet build is completely new technology for KEF.
  • The bass drivers are derived from the company’s Blade and Reference lines.
  • They use Shadow Flair technology, which eliminates cabinet diffraction, making output clearer.

The R series sits below the company’s Reference line, intended to bring its high-end sound technology to consumers at a lower price point. “It’s the difference between getting a Cadillac and Chevy Cavalier,” said Sharkey.

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Pricing for each model is as follows:

  • R11 ($2,499 each), R7 ($1,899 each) and R5 ($1,399 each) floorstanders;
  • R3 ($1,999 pair) stand mount;
  • R2c ($1,199 each) center speaker; and
  • R8a ($1,399 pair) Dolby Atmos-compatible speakers.

All come in black gloss, white gloss and walnut. They are currently available from KEF authorized dealers and Best Buy’s Magnolia Design Center, and will soon be available through Amazon as well.