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James Loudspeaker Gives Audio A Wedgie

James Loudspeaker has developed its first two wedge-shaped home-audio speakers, both designed to mount vertically in the corner of a wall and horizontally where the wall and ceiling meet.

Speaker supplier SVS Audio also recently launched a wedge-shaped speaker that can be surface-mounted at the intersection of a wall and ceiling.

One key purpose is to deliver height-channel information when the speaker is mounted at the corner of a wall and ceiling in a home theater room equipped with Dolby Atmos, Auro3D or DTS:X immersive-audio surround sound. In that application, the speaker would fire down toward listeners.

Versions of the speakers are also available for marine and outdoor applications. They can be mounted outdoors under the eaves of a house.

The suggested retail of the W-series 52QW is $1,000 each, and the 53QW retails for a suggested $1,300 each. More W-series speakers are planned.

The speakers were developed at the request of systems integrators, a spokesman said.

The 52QW and 53QW are made entirely of aircraft-grade aluminum for strength, performance and durability, the company said. They also feature perforated aluminum grille.  A corner bracket suspends the speakers via set screws. They are available in gloss white and satin black, but custom colors are available.

The SVS Prime Elevation speaker, shipping in April at a targeted $349 each, can be used in almost any application. It can be used as a down-firing height-channel speaker mounted high on a wall; as an up-firing height-channel speaker placed on a stand or on top of a main left-right speaker; as an up-firing front- or center-channel speaker for use with projector screens or where level placement at ear height isn’t possible; and as a side- or rear-firing surround speaker when placement on a side wall is not optimal for the best side- or back- surround effects, SVS said.