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HP Ships Tablet-Equipped Printer


. — Hewlett-Packard has unveiled
the PhotoSmart eStation, a an all-in-one printer with a
7-inch removable tablet attached.

The eStation, shipping now
at $399, is a standard printer,
scanner and copier, but it
replaces the standard LCD
control panel with the tablet.

The Wi-Fi tablet uses a modified
version of the Android operating
system. The portable
device has full web connectivity
along with the ability to use the
Barnes & Noble e-bookstore. In
addition, it can be programmed
to tell the printer to automatically
print out web content, like
news stories, on a set schedule.

The tablet’s intended purpose
is to make it simple to
print web content without having
to access desktop or notebook, the company said.

The company also rolled out the latest incarnation of
its Touchsmart all-in-one PC line.

The new TouchSmarts come with an updated software
package called Magic Canvas and access to the
HP TouchSmart Apps Center.

HP also introduced two new TouchSmart desktop
PCs and a TouchSmart notebook, along with the HP
Omni desktop. All will be available at retail on Oct. 24.

The TouchSmart 310z, $699 starting price, features
an AMD Athlon II 240e dual-core processor, 2GB DDR3
memory, a 640B hard drive, a 20-inch touchscreen display
and built Wi-Fi.

The step-up 23-inch TouchSmart
600t, $999, adds an Intel Core i5 460M
dual-core processor with Turbo Boost,
4GB of DDR3 memory, a 1TB hard drive
and a 512MB Nvidia GeForce G210
graphics card.

The notebook offering is the
TouchSmart tm2, $829. It has a pivoting
12-inch touchscreen display, allowing
it to be used as a slate device or
traditional notebook. It runs on an Intel
ultra-low-voltage processor, has 4GB
of memory, a 500GB hard drive and six
hours of battery life.

The Omni 100, $499, all-in-one drops
the touchscreen capability for its 20-inch display. It runs
on an AMD Athlon II 170u processor, 2GB of DDR3 memory
and comes standard with a 320GB hard drive.

The TouchSmart 600 also received a revamped software
suite. Called Magic Canvas, users can drag applications,
music, photos, videos and web content directly
onto the desktop. HP also added a direct connection
to Facebook to the desktop and an apps center that is
accessible from an icon on the desktop.

Apps now available include games, Cartoon Network
— offering news on the network’s shows, and Marvel Comics
— an online library of 8,000 comics.