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Haier Highlights Eye-Saving Line

Haier America will exhibit during the International Consumer Electronics Show a flat-screen direct view TV line incorporating “Green Technology.”

The company explains the line as a package of “vision protection” features “designed around consumer well being.”

Included is a “Theater Curtain” feature that is activated by the power button. When turned on a black screen appears and then parts in the middle like theater curtains. When turned off the halves of the black screen come together to close.

Additionally, the sets employ a special electron beam that forms a low voltage shock across the screen to protect viewers’ eyes, unlike the on/off screen flash in most sets.

An Auto-Shutoff function is activated by a viewer watching the television screen at a distance closer than 3 feet. The television senses interference and shifts to a black screen carrying the message “Take Care of Your Eyes.” Haier said the feature is ideal for unsupervised children watching television or playing video games.