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Griffin Technology Tries Its Hand At Crowdfunding

NASHVEILLE, TENN. — Accessory maker Griffin Technology is trying something a little different this time around: Indiegogo.

The company has been thinking of going the crowdfunding route for some time, Griffin spokeswoman Jackie Ballinger Anderson, told TWICE, but it was waiting for the right product first.

This product, an in-home charging station known as the Cove, features five 12-watt USB ports that are capable of charging five tablets simultaneously. It is designed with non-slip shelves, but the actual materials used will depend on the type of feedback the company receives during the campaign, Anderson said. It will also have a folding door that doubles as a device stand.

Although Griffin sells other charging docks, the Cove is geared toward a slightly older, more design-conscious audience, and most likely a family. Anderson said the company envisions it being used in a kitchen or a family home office.

The campaign went live last week with a goal of $30,000, which Anderson said would be a good indication that consumers approved of the product by voting with their dollars. “We arrived at that price point not because that’s how much it’s going to take. This isn’t about the money for Griffin. We picked $30,000 because we thought that would be a good milestone for showing that people are really interested.”

“Early adopters” who funded $150 in the first 48 hours will receive one Cove, and a $200 contribution is now required in ordered to receive one. If funding is exceeded, Griffin will continue to provide units. At press time, $14,920 had been raised by 104 people.

The crowdfunding effort also has a $4,000 VIP option for two funders that will include two iPad Airs, two iPad Minis, one Apple Watch and one Cove.

Griffin is certainly not the first established manufacturer to go the crowdfunding route. Past participants include BuQu Tech and Mimoco, while Pebble shattered Kickstarter’s funding records with the launch of its newest smart watch earlier this year.