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GreatCall Updates Jitterbug Cellphones With Smart & Flip

Cellular MVNO GreatCall, which targets cellphones and medical-alert devices to the elderly and growing baby-boomer populations, released its two latest cellphones, offering such updates as larger screens on both model and smartphone capabilities on the flip phone.

The $149 Jitterbug Smart $99 Jitterbug Flip are available through GreatCalls’ web store, Rite Aid, Best Buy and Walmart.

Both Alcatel-made models feature a dedicated 5Star button to access GreatCall’s urgent-response agents on a 24/7 basis.

The company also released its previously announced $99 Lively Wearable wrist-worn activity tracker, which also summons help in an emergency via a Bluetooth-connected smartphone. The waterproof device can also be worn with a lanyard.

The Lively, a $49 Splash cellular-equipped medical-alert device, and the two phones represent the MVNO’s product lineup.

The Jitterbug Flip phone replaces the Jitterbug5 flip phone and adds app capability, 4G speed, larger chassis, bigger buttons, larger main screen, flashlight and a magnifying feature to make onscreen text bigger.

Screen size goes to 3.2 inches. A secondary external 1.44-inch screen is also available. Both screens are color. It also offers yes/no navigation.

The Jitterbug Smart replaces the Touch3 and steps up to a 5-inch touchscreen that’s 35 percent larger than its predecessor screen, higher-resolution 720p display and 4G LTE data. It also steps up to higher-resolution cameras with 5- and 2-megapixel capability, and it adds a main-camera flash.

Other features include voice typing and a simple menu.

GreatCall plans start at $14.99/month for talk and text plans, and smartphones require a minimum $2.49/month data plan.