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General Sensors/Smart Plugs: Fibaro Motion Sensor

The Fibaro motion sensor incorporates Z-Wave wireless technology and combines a built-in motion sensor, temperature sensor, light sensor and accelerometer in a housing that’s less than 1.75 inches in diameter, making it the smallest device of its kind in the world.

The sensor is part of Fibaro’s smart home system, which controls 95 percent of all home devices. Users can adjust the motion sensor’s sensitivity to suit the location, individual need or particular situation. It also informs users of the temperature level and light intensity, and it detects changes in device movement (vibration), warning users of tampering. The motion sensor can also track how much time someone spends in a room, such as a kid in the TV room.

The system can be easily managed by voice through remote voice control or by tapping Fibaro’s user interface on a smartphone or tablet.