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Gap: Overall TV Shelf Placements Dip As 50- To 59-Inch Sets Gain Ground

SAN DIEGO – Now approaching the end of the 2014 TV refresh season, a shelf-share survey from Gap Intelligence has found a 15 percent drop in overall TV retail placements from the same period last year, with 50-inch to 59-inch screen size models continuing to hold onto the most popular screen size range.

However, the market research firm said the larger screen sizes, between 60 and 79 inches, were the only categories to gain placements since last year, making up 27 percent of total TV retail placements vs. only 20 percent in 2013.

At the same time, smart-TV shelf and wall placements continue to gain ground, with such products edging closer to 60 percent of all TV retail placements, compared with just less than 50 percent last year.