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GameFace Has Wearable Android VR Console

LOS ANGELES — Game- Face Labs unveiled a prototype for a hybrid virtualreality headset/console for untethered use as a standalone Android console or tethered to a PC.

The GameFace Labs Developer Console will utilize immersive content from Google Cardboard; when tethered to a PC it will connect to the SteamVR platform from Valve.

It is expected to be available in Q2 2016.

The device features hardware from Nvidia and its Tegra technology, and has a 2,560 by 1,440p OLED display panel.

“We’re thrilled to offer developers the opportunity to cater to the both mobile and PC markets and create immersive, cross-platform experiences, all on the same device.” said GameFace Labs CEO Edward Mason. “We believe virtual reality should be an untethered experience, and our console brings that reality a step closer.”