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Game Violence Issue Raised At E3

In the wake of the tragedy in Littleton, Colo., Interactive Digital Software Association president Douglas Lowenstein defended the video game industry against those saying violent video games are causing American youth to become violent.

Lowenstein used the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), which took place barely one month after the Colorado massacre, as a podium to state his case.

“The entertainment software industry has no reason to run and hide,” Lowenstein said, adding that media reports about video game violence have created a “distorted image” of the industry. “We do have responsibilities to consumers, and we have been proactive in meeting them,” he said, noting that the industry has created a comprehensive rating system.

The IDSA will increase the visibility and enforcement of its rating system at the store level. Lowenstein said that retailers and parents must work together for any rating system to work.

He specifically took issue with the idea that violent games beget violent actions, saying that despite all you hear, the evidence doesn’t support that connection. “Many of the games popular here are used all over the world,” said Lowenstein, “and yet violent crime is far more serious here than elsewhere.”