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Fujitsu Ships Improved 50W-Inch Plasma Panel

Fujitsu introduced to its home theater plasma-display-panel line a new 50W-inch model with a DVI-HDCP input connection and increased brightness.

The PlasmaVision SlimScreen model P50XHA10, which ships this month at a $10,999 suggested retail price, is said to have improved picture quality from earlier series models, listing a 3,000:1 contrast ratio, 1,366 by 768 pixel resolution, and a brightness of 600 candelas per meter squared.

“As the flagship of Fujitsu’s next-generation PlasmaVision SlimScreen monitors, the new P50XHA10 represents the next step in plasma-display design,” said Tedd Rozylowicz, Fujitsu senior VP. “Not only does it deliver better image quality than ever before, its features have also been improved, and its newly restyled chassis is more refined and elegant.”

The P50XHA10 will accept all analog and DTV broadcast formats — scaling them to fit the panel’s 768p native resolution. It also accepts computer input of up to UXGA resolution.

The panel also includes input connections for HD component video, S-Video, Composite video and analog RGB.

The P50XHA10 uses Fujitsu’s Advanced Video Movement (AVM) processor to eliminate most motion artifacts and flicker, while improving vertical resolution.

A built-in line doubler converts NTSC signals for smoother image quality on both moving and still images.

Fujitsu also restyled the panel, giving the front bezel frame crisper and more defined corners and angles. The chassis color was lightened to help the metallic silver color complement a wider range of decors and home entertainment systems, the company said.