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Fine Sounds Buys Sumiko


High-end audio supplier Fine
Sounds has purchased Sumiko, the Berkeley,
Calif.-based North America distributor of multiple
high-end audio lines.

Sumiko markets Sonus faber loudspeakers,
which is owned by Fine Sounds, as well as REL
sub-bass systems, Pro-Ject Audio Systems turntables
and electronics, SME turntables and tonearms,
Sumiko Phono Cartridges, and Okki Nokki
record cleaning machines.

Fine Sounds also owns Audio Research Corp.,
the Minneapolis manufacturer and marketer of vacuum-
tube and solid-state electronic audio components,
and Wadia Digital, the high-end supplier of
digital audio playback components.

Sumiko owners Donald Brody and John Hunter will
take seats on Fine Sounds board. The duo continues
to own the REL and Wolf Cinema brands, but in a
separate deal, REL will be distributed by Fine Sounds
globally. Wolf Cinema will remain independent.

Mauro Grange, CEO of Sonus faber, becomes
the new Sumiko president.

Grange said the acquisition will help Fine Sounds
“maximize the North American market potential” of
the Sonus faber brand. Fine Sounds’ “goal is to increase
connection with, and responsiveness to, our
largest markets.”

Fine Sounds already sells direct in China, which it
considers along with the U.S. to be its priority markets.

Fine Sounds is owned by Milan, Italy-based private
equity fund Quadrivio.