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Escort Cuts The Cord With New Radar Detector

Escort introduced two new radar and laser detectors this week, the Solo S4 and X80.

The battery-powered S4 is designed for road warriors who want to tote their device between multiple vehicles, such as those who frequently use rental cars. According to Escort, it uses “a fraction of the power used by conventional corded detectors.” Two AA batteries will reportedly provide months of use, and it features low-battery warnings with both audible and visual alerts. A programmable AutoPower feature automatically turns the S4 off to conserve battery life.

 The detector is engineered to provide long-range protection against all radar guns used today, including instant-on X-band, K-band and SuperWide Ka-band; it also provides laser warning and off-axis protection.

Escort has refreshed the Solo design and given the S4 an OLED display. It also comes with nine user-programmable features to customize to a user’s specific driving style.

The X80 radar detector, meanwhile, is designed to provide long-range protection and early warning on all radar bands, including conventional and instant-on X-band, K-band and SuperWide Ka-band and POP mode. Laser sensors provide maximum laser warning and off-axis protection, said Escort.

It also features built-in Bluetooth, making the detector compatible with the company’s Live smartphone app. The app enables users to share and display alerts in real time.  

Both models are currently available for $299.