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Element Expands Into Soundbars

Winnsboro, S.C. –Element Electronics, the supplier of value-priced TVs, is entering the soundbar market, launching its first model through 200 Meijer stores across the Midwest and planning two more models later this year.

The first product is the $59 Element 2.0 sound bar, which will be rolled out nationally beyond Meijer later this year. The company also plans a fall launch of a 2.1 version with a wired external subwoofer followed by a 2.1 version with wireless subwoofer.

All will feature Bluetooth 4.0, remote control, and analog and optical inputs. They lack 5.1-channel decoders but offer IR passthrough and learning capability to respond to a TV or cable-box remote, a spokesperson said.

They also feature Bongiovi DPS (digital power station) digital signal processing, said to widen the stereo image, extend low-frequency response, boost volume levels without boosting distortion, improve vocal clarity, balance out frequency response at lower listening levels, and even out volume levels when switching channels or switching between programs and commercials.

The initial bar delivers 2×15-watt output and is 40-inches-wide.