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Dual Expands Marine-Audio Assortment

Las Vegas — Dual Electronics went to International CES to add marine receivers and speakers and launch its first Bluetooth-equipped marine amplifiers.

The new products include three CD-receivers, one digital media receiver (DMR), and five receiver-speaker combos. Two of the combo packs feature CD-receiver, and three feature DMR.

Two new amplifiers, the $219-suggested white DMA4100BT and black BMA1205BT, feature built-in Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming to bypass the need to install a receiver. The amps let people stream audio from a Bluetooth-connected smartphone or tablet directly to the amp. The solution is also intended for ATVs and motorcycles.

Two other amplifiers, the $174 white DMA3100 and black BMA2105, offer the same features sans Bluetooth. Each 4-channel compact amp delivers 1,200 watts of peak power and is IP66 waterproof. All amps ship in the second quarter.

The company also unveiled its first wireless smart EQ processor for marine applications. The $199 Smart EQ delivers Bluetooth-phone control of balance, fader, and 7-band EQ. It also lets users stream stereo music to a sound system via Bluetooth without the need to install a receiver. The processor connects to up to three amplifiers and a receiver via RCA inputs and outputs. It features signal-sensing technology for automatic amplifier turn-on.

Bluetooth also played a big role in marine receiver launches. The launch expands the number of marine SKUs with built-in Bluetooth to 10: six receivers (including the MGH30BT gauge-hole size CD-receiver introduced in 2014) and four combo packs.

All four new receivers come with built-in Bluetooth technology for hands-free calling and stereo streaming with AVRCP control. Thanks to Bluetooth, boat owners can play mobile-device music through their boat’s audio system while keeping the device hidden and protected from splashing water, a spokesperson said.

Two of the three new CD-receivers control Pandora on a USB-connected iPhone, enabling users to control the app’s “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” feature, bookmark a song, and switch between stations directly from the receiver.

All told, six products in the lineup now control Pandora on a USB-connected iPhone: four receivers (including two gauge-hole DMRs) and two combo packs.

For outdoor visibility despite sunlight and water reflections, the new receivers’ LCD screens feature high-contrast black characters on white background for increased visibility. In addition, the new AM615BT CD-receiver feature a large 3-inch full-color LCD, and five other new SKUs (three receivers and two combo packs) come with extra-wide 3.7-inch LCDs, which enable large characters to stand out on a scrolling display even in direct sunlight, the company said.

The new head units consist of the following:

CD-receivers: The AM615BT features 3-inch LCD, direct iPod/iPhone USB control and Pandora control via iPhone USB, stereo Bluetooth with AVRCP control, 3.5mm aux inputs, three pairs of 4-volt preamp outputs, and waterproof floating remote control.

The AM615BT receiver is also available in a combo pack with a pair of 6.5-inch three-way speakers and a 40-inch wire antenna.

The AM425BT CD-receiver features extra-wide 3.7-inch scrolling LCD, iPod/iPhone USB, stereo Bluetooth with AVRCP, and motion control to control most-used functions such as play/pause, volume up/down, track forward/back using simple hand gestures on the screen.

The AM425BT receiver is also available in a combo pack with a pair of 6.5-inch dual cone speakers and 40-inch wire antenna.

The MXD420BT CD-receiver also features extra-wide LCD display, iPod/iPhone USB with Pandora control, stereo Bluetooth with AVRCP, 3.5mm aux inputs, rear RCA aux inputs, one pair of preamp outputs, and full-featured remote.

The MXD135BT DMR features extra-wide LCD, stereo Bluetooth with AVRCP, RGB custom colors, front-panel USB, 3.5mm aux inputs, rear RCA aux inputs, one pair of preamp outputs, and full-featured remote control.

The MXD135BT is also available in a combo pack with a pair of 6.5-inch dual-cone speakers and 40-inch wire antenna.

Other combo packs: The MCP103 combo pack available in white or black comes with a DMR, 6.5-inch dual-cone speakers, and 40-inch wire antenna. The DMR features front USB, SD Card input behind the faceplate, 3.5mm aux input, one pair of preamp outputs, and full-featured remote.

All new products come with two-year warranty.