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Dryers: Blomberg Arcelik A.S. DHP24412W

Fifty percent more energy-saving than compact air-vented dryers, Blomberg’s Ventless Heat Pump Dryer keeps clothes at their best by using a circulating air temperature that is 40 percent lower than other compact air-vented dryers. It also features a special woolen cycle for longer garment life. It measures just 24 inches wide and has a total size of 4.1 cubic feet. The dryer’s unique approach starts with heated air circulating inside the drum, passing through clothes and picking up humidity from garments. The hot, humid air is extracted from the drum and moves to the heat exchanger. Then the heat exchanger drops the humid air temperature, which condenses the humidity into water. Finally, dry air is reheated at the back of the heat exchanger and moved back inside the drum.