Definitive Plans Array Of New Speakers At CEDIA Expo



Definitive Technology plans at the CEDIA Expo to show a completely new bookshelf-speaker series, its first two wireless-ready subwoofers, and the first passive multichannel soundbars in the company’s XTR series of ultra-thin on-wall speakers for use with ultra-thin flat-panel LCD displays.

The previously announced XTR soundbars just began shipping. The bookshelf speakers ship in the fourth quarter. And the subs will surface in September.

The new bookshelf series, which keeps the StudioMonitor name, represent the company’s first new bookshelf speakers in 10 years. With the launch, the series goes to three SKUs from two at a suggested $399, $599, and $899/pair. All ship in the fourth quarter.

The bookshelf series has been redesigned from the ground up to improve appearance and performance, the company said. The bookshelf series consists of the $399/pair SM45, $599/pair SM55 and $899/pair SM65.

In launching two new SuperCubeseries compact powered subs, the company is offering wireless technology for the first. The wireless option is available for the $799 1,200-watt SuperCube 4000 and 1,500-watt $999-suggested SuperCube 6000. The subs ship in September.

The two SuperCubes join the $599 SuperCube 2000 launched earlier this year without wireless option. All three replace models in the previous three- SKU SuperCube lineup.

The SC4000 occupies just less than one cubic foot of space, and the SC6000 occupies just more than a cubic foot. The subs “go deeper and louder with better musicality and detail” in enclosures that are about the same sizes as their predecessors, said senior VP Paul DiComo.

In other SuperCube changes, the company added a digital display hidden under the grille and a wireless remote.

The 1.61-inch-deep five-channel and three-channel soundbars began shipping in July to expand the Mythos XTR series to six models.


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