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Definitive Expanding Mythos Series

Definitive Technology will expand its Mythos line of extruded-aluminum, plasma-friendly speakers with four more models, and it will replace three bipolar tower speakers that feature built-in powered subwoofers.

The Mythos speakers ship in April. The new towers are due in March.

The original Mythos speakers, available since August, consist of one floorstanding tower, one on-wall/table-mount model, and one wall/table-mount center-channel speaker. Now, Definitive is adding smaller, less expensive models to expand the Mythos selection to seven SKUs.

Two of the new models are on-wall/table-mount models that, like the current models, come with stainless-steel wall-mount bracket and with optional tempered-glass tabletop-mounting base. The two are the Mythos Six left-right speaker and the Mythos Seven center channel, both priced at a suggested $399 each compared to the line’s current $499 opening price.

Two new floor-standing Mythos models are the Four and Five at $699 and $499 each, respectively. They are smaller and less expensive than the current $799 Mythos One tower.

In other changes, the company is using the term Super Towers to describe bipolar towers with built-in powered subwoofers. Three new SuperTowers in the 7000 series will replace three models in the 2000 series, maintain the same price points, but bring 7000 series technology down in prices point. The three models are the BP7002, 7004, and 7006, each priced per side at $1,099, $799, and $599, respectively.

Compared to their predecessors, they deliver more sculpted styling, improved crossovers, and subwoofer technology derived from the company’s compact SuperCube subwoofers. The trio’s subwoofers use digital-switching amps, one active driver, and two passive drivers.