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Crestron Wireless Streamer Offers Multiroom AirPlay

Rockleigh, N.J. – Creston launched an AirPlay-equipped Wi-Fi streamer that can be used with its installed multiroom audio systems to distribute audio from an Apple mobile device throughout the house.

The CEN-NSP-1 overcomes a key AirPlay limitation that restricts streaming from an Apple mobile device to only one AirPlay-equipped speaker at a time.

The device will also be equipped sometime in the future with native music-streaming apps, the company said.

With the device, whose price was not disclosed, consumers can use a Crestron app on their device or an installed Crestron touch screen to direct the Apple device’s music, including music from streaming apps, to every room in the house, the company said.

On top of that the stream player connects via USB 2.0 to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, enabling consumers to use their Creston app or a Crestron touchscreen to browse, search, and select songs stored on the Apple devices. The wired connection prevents music “drops out” resulting from inconsistent Wi-Fi connectivity, the company said.

With a wired connection to an Apple device, Crestron’s multiroom audio systems will also play back music streamed by the Apple device via Wi-Fi from Apple’s iCloud service.