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Audio components are connecting with consumers’ changed lifestyles, leveraging new audio sources such as Internet radio and iPods, and connecting to home-control systems.

New products from Teac and Sherwood, for example, feature embedded Internet radio and music streaming from a networked PC. To connect their products to homecontrol systems, Sherwood is launching its first A/V receiver compatible with Control4 home-control systems, and NAD is turning select components into the brains of a Control4 home-control system via a plug-in module.

In an unusual twist, Teac is offering two two-channel components -- a receiver and a CD-receiver – that convert CDs, vinyl, and cassette to MP3 and WMA formats for storage on a USB stick.

Also at the show, two-channel audio remains alive and well with Aaudio Imports, American Sound Works, Cary, Monitor Audio, MartinLogan, NAD, Teac, and many others launching new two-channel components.

Here’s a sampling of what dealers will find. For more details on these and other component-audio launches, see each issue of TWICE CES Show Daily.

Boston Acoustics:

A new series of in-room speakers, called the A series, ships in February. It’s a high-performance entry series said to pay homage to the original A series products launched more than 30 years ago. It represents a step up in price, performance, design and finish compared to the current value-oriented Classic Series, which will be transitioned out in early 2011, a spokesperson said.

The A series consists of three bookshelves, two floorstanding models, one center channel and two subwoofers, and a 5.1 package, all at MAP prices ranging from $139.99 for a bookshelf speaker to $899.99 for the 5.1 package. All feature magnetic grilles, scratch-resistant high-gloss black side panels and soft textured top and baffle.

Cary Audio Design:

A half-dozen high-performance audio components launched here by Cary Audio Design include a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and a combination DAC/integrated amp with tube preamp section and solid-state amplifier section.

Klipsch Group:

The company is entering the wirelesssubwoofer market with the launch of a wireless kit for use with select subwoofers bearing any of its brands. Up to six or more wireless subs can be supported in a house.


The company is expanding its selection of non-electrostatic in-room speakers with the launch of the Motion LX series, and it’s launching the first custom speakers to use proprietary Folded Motion tweeters for voice matching with its in-room Folded Motion and electrostatic speakers.


The MC601 600-watt mono amp 9 into 2-, 4-, and 8-0hm loads) replaces the MC501, offers higher power, and adds such features as input and output jacks to enable bi- and tri-amping using multiple MC601 amps, thermal track output transistors for cooler operation, 8-inch-wide wattmeter, and quad-balanced circuit design. It ships in January. Pricing was unavailable.


The company is showing its latest compact DSP-equipped active speaker, due this month. The $6,000/pair DSP3200 two-way speaker replaces the DSP3100 as the smallest loudspeaker in the Meridian line.


The company is expanding its selection of modular components, introducing new upgrade modules for its modular components, and displaying its first iPod-docking music system.

The three newest plug-in Modular Design Construction (MDC) modules include the first to add a Control4 brain to MDC-capable components. The Viso Three Music System, due in the first quarter at a suggested $899, is a 2x50-watt CD-receiver with tethered standalone Applecertified iPod/iPhone dock and USB port.


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