Cobra Unveils iRadar 200 Smart Detector

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Cobra Electronics went to CTIA Wireless 2012 to unveil its latest radar detector in its iRadar line: the iRadar 200.

The device is designed to detect all models of radar and laser guns on the market, Cobra said, and pairs via Bluetooth with Cobra’s iRadar app, which can be used with Apple or Android smartphones. All iRadar app versions are supported, including those with iRadar Community, which allows users to share alerts with one another.

Unlike previous Cobra models, the iRadar 200 can be paired with either the iPhone or Android smartphones -- the previous hardware models were platform specific.

The app also provides access to Cobra’s Aura database of threats and hazards, as well as GPS-based alerts, a graphical compass, max speed setting and mapping features. The app enables users to customize detector settings and alert viewing, among other things.

The iRadar 200 can also be used without the app. In that case, the notifications will be heard through the detector’s built-in speakers.

Features for the iRadar 200 include a City/Highway mode that is designed to reduce false alerts by automatically filtering out alerts caused by automatic door openers. Its design is meant to have a low profile, with a black sheen finish and brushed-metal accents.

The iRadar 200 will be available in June for a $129 suggested retail.


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