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Foresight Bringing QuadSight Vision System To CES 2019

Designed to achieve near-100% obstacle detection with near-zero false alerts under all conditions

Foresight is featuring its QuadSight vision system for autonomous vehicles at CES 2019, designed to achieve near-100 percent obstacle detection with near-zero false alerts under all weather and lighting conditions, including complete darkness, snow, rain, fog, sandstorms and blinding glare.

The company said the quad-camera technology leverages decades of field-proven security technology and advanced image-processing algorithms, combining two pairs of long-wave infrared (LWIR) and visible-light stereoscopic cameras.

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Stereoscopic vision technology brings 3D images for outstanding detection and accuracy to semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicle vision systems, said Foresight. While visible-light camera systems utilize the same information as the human eye, LWIR imaging adds another layer of information based on emitted waves. By combining visible-light stereoscopic and thermal stereoscopic vision, QuadSight can enable critical visual precision with 3D objects in real time, whether the objects are large or small, in motion or static, or detected from short or long distances.

Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.