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CES 2016: Withings Unveils Go Activity Tracker

Withings is expanding its line of activity trackers with Withings Go, billed as one of the most affordable, versatile and fully featured activity trackers available. The Go features an always-on E Ink multiscreen display and the ability to automatically track steps, distance, running, swimming and sleep features, usually only offered on more expensive devices, said Withings.

Withings Go’s E Ink display extends the “at a glance” attribute Withings used with its Activité line. Information is always available, even in bright sunlight or in water thanks to the screen’s 88 graphic segments that transform at a simple touch to create different displays for various situations. The main screen provides the user’s level of activity — shown as a dial depicting the percentage of progress achieved towards a specific day’s activity goal. As this goal is met, the central icon changes to display a reward in recognition of the day’s achievement. The Withings Go will also transform to tell the time, creating an analog watch face. The very low power requirement of the E Ink display means the Withings Go can operate continuously for up to eight months, said the company.  

The Withings Go automatically recognizes a variety of daily activities, which allows the user to wear it all day and track everything without having to push a button. For walking and running, the device analyzes number of steps, distance covered, calories burned as well as the duration of the running session. Go is also water-resistant (five ATM) and automatically recognizes when the user starts swimming, providing the time of the session and the calories burned. At night, Go analyzes and can distinguish between light and deep sleep cycles to give users a full understanding of their sleep patterns.

Withings Go connects to the free Withings Health Mate iOS and Android application.

Available in five colors (black, blue, green, red, yellow), it can be worn in multiple ways to suit individual styles or social settings.

Priced at $69.95, the Withings Go will be available for purchase in Q1.

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