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CES 2016: EHang Unveils Ghost Drone 2.0

EHang is releasing the newest version of its drone, The Ghost 2.0, at CES 2016.  It’s slated to be available for $599 and includes several major new features:

Tilt Control: The Ghost 2.0’s proprietary Tilt Control enables consumers to steer with their phone instead of complex RCA controls or the challenging maneuverability of “point and tap” app navigation. Drone pilots operate the drone through EHang’s mobile app, which is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

To create a truly immersive flight experience, the VR Goggles let users see directly out of the “eyes” of the drone in real time, allowing pilots to take flight in the “cockpit” of the Ghost 2.0. When combined with Tilt Control, users have precise control of the drone without the bulk of additional hardware thanks to the goggles’ built-in sensitivity to movement: when you turn your head, the camera turns as well.

The Ghost’s app integration enables its user to control both the drone and its camera simultaneously, removing the hassle of managing both the gimbal and drone separately by two people, said EHang.

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