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CEDIA 2016: Screen Innovations Fights Gravity With ‘Levitating’ Motorized Projection Screen

Projection screen provider Screen Innovations (SI) will come to CEDIA to show its new Zero-G motorized projection screen that appears to float in mid-air and rolls away when not in use.

The company is referring to the screen as “the world’s first rollable TV.”

The Zero-G screen creates the illusion of levitation through the use of unobtrusive suspension cables that can be color-matched to their surroundings using a proprietary color matching system.

SI has included an array of features to facilitate Zero-G installation and setup, including removable PCB, upper lift tubes and factory pre-programmed bomb-bay doors on its flush model. SI has also engineered an automatic upper limit setting by using an optical sensor, and will also optionally ship the material tube separate from the case for new construction installations.

 Screen sizes range up to 160 inches with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

“Zero-G has created a lot of buzz in the industry, and many competitors are already taking pictures of it at our trade shows, trying to figure it out,” said Ryan Gustafson, SI’s chief innovator. “We are pleased to announce that Zero-G —the world’s first Rollable TV — will be available to order on day one of CEDIA, Sept. 15.”

 To draw some traffic at the show, Screen Innovations will be giving away two Zero-G screens at its booth (No. 5735) with one including a Digital Projection M-Vision 320 projector. The contest for the projector/screen package can be entered by dropping a business card in the contest box in the Screen Innovations booth. The second contest, for a 120-inch Zero-G Slate screen, can be entered by playing a ping pong match at SI’s booth to and leaving a card. This drawing will take place at noon at SI’s booth on day three. Presence for the drawing is not required to win.