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CasaTunes Launches Multiroom-Audio Components

Ft. Collins, Colo. – – CasaTunes launched four new multiroom-audio components, all with built-in 1TB music server and streaming capability. Two add audio distribution switch.

The new CT-4+ and CT-4S start at $1,495, and the CT-8+ and CT-8S start at $1,995. All are available.

The CT-4+ and CD-8+ are complete multi-room audio systems that include server, streaming sources, and audio distribution switch. The CT-4S and CT-8S CasaTunes Streamers include only the server and music streamer for addition to existing audio distribution systems.

All four include a selection of streaming services, including Pandora, Spotify, Grooveshark, and SiriusXM. They also play music from a customer’s iTunes or Windows Media music collection on computers.

The CT-4+ features five internal streaming music players and one input for an external source. The CT-4+ also features four analog stereo outputs and one digital output. The CT-8+ has nine internal streaming players, two external inputs, eight analog outputs, and one digital output.

The CT-4S Streamer has five internal players, four analog outputs, and one digital output. The CT-8S Streamer has nine internal players, eight analog outputs, and one digital output.

Both also support 10 wired or wireless Apple AirPlay rooms, enabling users to stream music from any iOS music app to one or more AirPlay speakers in other rooms.

CasaTunes components can be integrated with Control4, RTI, OnControls and Loxone home-automation systems.