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Bose Readies Its Highest Performance Car Sound System

Framingham, Mass. – Cadillac’s first CT6 full-size luxury sedan will feature the first OEM Bose sound system incorporating 34 drivers, articulated-array tweeters, and line-array speakers, Bose announced.

The optional Bose Panaray audio system, exclusive to the 2016 CT6, will be Bose’s highest performance sound system to date, and it will mark the global debut of Bose’s new line of Advanced Technology Series sound systems, the compoany said.

The series uses technologies and design elements from Bose’s home entertainment and professional audio products.

The CT6 will be on display at the New York Auto Show next week and will go on sale sometime later this year. Because Cadillac will display a pre-production CT6, the sound system won’t be functional, Bose said.

Three levels of Bose sound systems will be available in the CT6 as part of options packages: an 8-speaker system, a 10-speaker system, and the Panaray system. Package pricing hasn’t been disclosed.

In the system, dual tweeters in an articulated array appear in the A pillars and rear doors, with tweeters firing in alternate directions to create “a broader and more consistent sound stage,” the company said.

Line-array clusters of small drivers are pointed in the same direction in the center of the instrument panel and in the back of the center console to focus sound directly at listeners. The instrument-panel array consists of three 2-inch speakers in a motorized center-fill enclosure that rises out of the dash when the sound system is activated. The cluster is complemented by a 4-inch speaker in each corner of the instrument panel.

In each front headrest, a pair of embedded “ultranearfield” stereo speakers driven by TrueSpace signal processing delivers a more immersive experience, the company said.

Bass drivers include 4-inch speakers in each front and rear door in ported enclosures, plus a 10-inch woofer mounted on the rear shelf between a pair of 2.5-inch rear-fill speakers. Bass is further reinforced by two PowerProfile low-frequency enclosures built into the floor under the driver and front passenger seats. The enclosures are a little over 3.5-inches-high and contain four 2.75-inch mounted side-by-side and back-to-back to maximize low-frequency distribution without the enclosure shaking or buzzing, the company said.

The sound system also incorporates other new Bose technologies, including a new amplifier/DSP platform with almost twice the processing power of previous Bose offerings. The platform also includes upgraded Centerpoint 3 technology delivering 12 channels of stereo-to-surround processing to deliver greater music detail, the company said.

Enhanced Bose SurroundStage technology is said to deliver a “balanced, 360-degree sound field” for each passenger position, compensating for off-center seating.