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Audyssey Adds Spotify Integration To Music Player App

Los Angeles — Audyssey announced its Audyssey Music Player now integrates with the Spotify music-streaming service.

 The Audyssey Music Player app optimizes audio content uniquely for each pair of headphones or a portable Bluetooth speaker, model by model. The app uses custom-designed tuning profiles that aim to deliver studio-reference sound quality matched to the listener’s specific accessory.

“We have developed audio and human-perception technologies that allow all listeners to experience music as it was created in the studio, from your current speaker or headphone,” said Chris Kyriakakis, Audyssey’s founder and chief technology officer. “Our integration with Spotify lets our users listen to millions of songs as they were intended to be heard, all from one app and over hundreds of headphones and Bluetooth speakers.”

Audyssey’s Cloud-based collection of headphone and Bluetooth speaker profiles includes more than 325 models from more than 85 different manufacturers, with new models added on a regular basis.

 iOS users can download Audyssey Music Player free of charge at the App Store. The app offers a 30-minute free trial period for each profile. Users can then purchase headphone profiles for $1.99 each and Bluetooth speaker profiles for $2.99 apiece to enable audiophile-quality, 32-bit audio processing and unique sound customization capabilities.

The company said the technology behind the Audyssey Music Player can also be integrated into a wide range of products, including mobile apps, streaming-music services, games, in-device media players and in the firmware of a mobile device itself.