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OXS Launches Compact S2 Thunder Lite Gaming Soundbar

Featuring virtual surround sound, dual full-range drivers, a bass tube, and multiple connectivity options

Gaming audio technology company OXS has launched its S2 Thunder Lite soundbar, designed to enhance the sound performance of games and videos on phones, TVs, and PCs. The Thunder Lite can either rest on a desktop or be wall-mounted, supports virtual surround sound, and has a plethora of connectivity options from Bluetooth to AUX, USB-C to Optical.

The OXS Thunder Lite’s virtual surround sound mode is tuned to provide a wider frequency range sound for competitive gamers, while its compact, low-profile build means it can be placed under PCs and monitors to take up minimal space.

Inputs for the Thunder Lite include Bluetooth, Optical, TV -ARC, USB-C, or 3.5mm Stereo Audio. For those that wish to listen to music wirelessly, the Thunder Lite supports music streaming via Bluetooth. To enhance user convenience further, the OXS Thunder Lite comes with a remote control that enables easy access to the virtual surround sound effect too. This makes it simple to switch modes and adjust settings on the fly, ensuring gamers always have the optimal audio experience for their gaming sessions. It’s also useful for those that wish to stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth as they can quickly adjust the volume via the remote control too.

For those who prioritize space efficiency, it also offers the option to be wall-mounted in either a living room or bedroom. This feature not only saves more space but also provides flexibility in placement, allowing users to create the ideal audio setup for their gaming or entertainment needs.


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