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512 Audio Launches Professional Gear Built For Creators

New line of microphones and essential audio accessories backed by professional pedigree of Warm Audio

Limelight, Dynamic, Vocal XLR Mic (image credit: 512 Audio)

512 Audio, a new Austin-based audio brand dedicated to delivering professional gear built for creators, announced two XLR microphones一Limelight and Skylight一 and a lineup of studio essentials for creating podcasts, livestreams, vocal recordings and more.

Developed by the dedicated team behind Warm Audio’s award-winning, classic-inspired microphones, preamps, guitar pedals and more, 512 Audio launches from the creative culture of Austin, TX at a time when people are producing more content than ever before.

“Instead of focusing on the specs war, we thought about how audio gear would be used by people, what they want to create, and how they want to connect,” said Tommy Edwards, VP of Product Strategy for 512 Audio and Warm Audio. “512 Audio microphones and accessories are built to capture everything creators need and nothing they don’t. We specifically tuned the mics to focus on the frequencies that would deliver the most for the creators without any noise they don’t need. We wanted to deliver the best of pro audio in a tailor-made, uncomplicated way.”

For its initial debut, 512 Audio is introducing five products built to help creators capture speech and vocals with clarity and warmth, making audiences feel as if they’re listening in person:


Limelight, Dynamic, Vocal XLR Mic (image credit: 512 Audio)

Limelight ($199.99 MSRP) – a dynamic vocal XLR mic that delivers exceptional clarity for close-range, talk-focused podcasts, broadcasts or live streams. The combination of a modern circuit and professional dynamic capsule produces smooth, crystal clear audio. Limelight’s hypercardioid pattern creates a hyper-focused pickup field to capture your voice and cut out unwanted ambient noise. The built-in pop shield and switchable, low-frequency filter remove intrusive plosives and low-end rumble for a clean, uncompromised sound. Bring the clear, natural audio of a professional broadcast studio to your home setup.

Skylight, Large-diaphragm Studio Condenser Mic (image credit: 512 Audio)

Skylight ($199.99 MSRP) – a large-diaphragm condenser XLR microphone featuring a 34mm gold-plated capsule engineered with premium components and a voice-tailored frequency response to capture the warmth and detail of speech and singing vocals. With a fixed cardioid pickup pattern, Skylight records your voice in front of the mic and reduces ambient room noise. The included metal mesh pop filter and low-profile shockmount eliminate unwanted plosives and low-end rumble delivering a clean, natural sound for podcasts, live streams or vocal recordings. Capture the richness of your voice with detailed warmth and true studio sound, without the studio.

Setup Essentials:

512-BBA Boom Arm ($79.99 MSRP) – an adjustable microphone boom arm with a 360 degree rotation and silent, high-tension spring design for easily achieving stay-in-place mic positioning for podcasting, streaming or recording.

Academy, Studio Monitor Headphones (image credit: 512 Audio)

Academy Headphones ($99.99 MSRP) – studio monitor headphones with 45mm dynamic drivers precision-tuned to deliver exceptional clarity when monitoring speech and vocals. With an ergonomic design and superior acoustic seal, hear every nuance of your recordings with clarity and comfort.

512-Pop Professional Microphone Pop Filter ($39.99 MSRP) – a superior metal mesh pop filter to achieve clear, natural speech and vocals. No more post-production hassle or livestream concerns for achieving clean audio.

“Living and working in Austin we are in the heart of a creator culture, but regardless of where you are, creator content dominates what we listen to and watch, ” said Bryce Young, founder and CEO of 512 Audio and Warm Audio. “We all have that creator whose content connects with us, whether it’s in music, gaming, politics, faith or passion projects. 512 Audio was our way to build audio gear specifically for creators to make closer connections to their audiences.”

Limelight, Skylight, 512-BBA boom arm, and 512-Pop filter are all available today at authorized retailers including,, and Academy studio monitor headphones will be available in October.

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