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Is This The Most Energy-Efficient Dishwasher? The Green Product Awards Suggest So

Looking to cut your energy usage? Miele's Green Product Awarded dishwasher might be the right choice

(image credit: Miele)

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on Top Ten Reviews.

Large household appliances are known for being one of the biggest energy drains in a household, costing you hundreds of dollars each year and of course, impacting the environment. With more focus on this than ever before, it’s clear to see why more people are looking towards eco-friendly models when making their purchasing decisions, with energy-saving awards pitting many appliances at the top of the list.

Renowned appliance brand, Miele, has just been awarded the all-important Green Product Award for its fully integrated G 7565 SCVi XXL AutoDos dishwasher, thanks to numerous eco-conscious features. Thoughtful engineering means that the appliance is energy and water efficient, so you don’t have to worry every time you put a cycle on. So, if you’re thinking of buying one of the best dishwashers, this might be one to consider.

What is the Green Product Award?

Since 2013, the Green Product Award has been recognizing products and services that excel in terms of eco-friendly design, innovation, and sustainability. Miele’s G 7465 SCVi XXL AutoDos dishwasher meets the ‘A’ energy efficiency class and features many environmental features such as load recognition and a transparent app to monitor water and energy consumption. The three main markers are consumer visibility on daily energy usage, energy-efficient settings, and hot water connection which saves on electricity.

Consumer visibility on daily energy usage

The dishwasher connects with the Miele app so that you can control it from anywhere around your home. The consumption dashboard in the app allows access at any time to information such as how often a program is used per day, week, or month, as well as how much water and electricity is used. This then compares the data and offers ‘green’ tips, so that you can constantly make improvements to your energy consumption.

Energy-efficient and gentle on resources thanks to EcoPower and AutoDos

Over the past 20 years, Miele has reduced the electricity consumption on its dishwashers by around 44%, generating the new ‘A’ energy efficiency class. Thanks to intelligent water intake, optimized spray arms, and a high-efficiency filtration system, it is far more eco-friendly while also still maintaining first-class cleaning results. A clever drying feature also means that the door opens automatically by a few centimeters at the end of a program, helping to use less energy.

The AutoDos system has an integrated PowerDisk that can dispense detergent automatically, helping to save waste and money. A PowerDisk lasts for around 20 cycles and is made from 100% post-consumer recyclate, while the detergent used is free from microplastics, fragrances, preservatives, and coloring. However, grocery store tablets or detergents can also be used if you have products that you don’t want to waste.

Even more economical with a hot water connection

The G 7465 SCVi XXL AutoDos, along with all Miele dishwashers, can be connected to a hot water supply with a temperature of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. And when the hot water comes from a regenerative source such as a heat pump or the SolarSave program is used, you can save up to 35% more electricity compared to a model connected to a cold water supply.

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