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Bosch Updates Dishwasher Lineup With PowerControl Spray Arm And New Features

PowerControl spray arm helps put an end to the ongoing dishwasher debate and leaves dishes clean no matter where they’re loaded on the lower rack

Bosch Home Appliances has announced a complete update of its dishwasher portfolio. The new release includes PowerControl spray arm technology available in 800 and Benchmark Series models, as well as new features throughout the full line.

The new PowerControl spray arm allows users the flexibility to place items anywhere in the lower rack and program a dedicated wash intensity in each target area. This allows consumers to focus their intensive cleaning where they need it most from pots and large bowls to hard-to-clean casserole dishes.

According to a recent survey conducted by Bosch, 75% of participants believe there is a right way and a wrong way to load the dishwasher and another 87%
said they rearrange dishes after someone else loaded them wrong. Now, Bosch’s PowerControl spray arm helps put an end to the ongoing dishwasher debate and leaves dishes clean no matter where they’re loaded on the lower rack.

“Innovation is a core brand pillar, and we’re always looking for an opportunity to advance the dishwasher portfolio and bring new technology to consumers’ kitchens,” said Puri Romeo, Bosch Brand Director. “From incredible performance to modern design and advanced connectivity, we’re bringing consumers a full suite of dishwashers to help simplify the cleaning process while still getting perfectly clean and dry dishes. From the 100 Series to the Benchmark Series, there is a dishwasher in this new line fit for everyone’s needs.”

Key features in the new dishwasher portfolio include:

PowerControl spray arm: Newly launched in 2023, the PowerControl spray arm is available in Bosch 800 and Benchmark Series Dishwashers, a brand-new industry-leading innovation designed to elevate consumers’ dishwashing to give them the ultimate clean. This new system offers more control in cleaning dishes and helps tackle those challenging messes like casseroles, pots, etc. The PowerControl spray arm provides a targeted intensive wash from anywhere in the bottom rack – no matter where the dishes are loaded.

CrystalDry: Available in Bosch 800 and Benchmark Series Dishwashers, this powerful patented drying technology ensures dishes are as perfectly dry as they are clean for 60 percent better drying results, even on hard-to-dry items like plastics. CrystalDry acts as the final step of the drying cycle to reduce the need for towel or air drying – because that’s one less thing you need to worry about in the kitchen.

Home Connect: With this launch, Home Connect is now offered across the full portfolio of dishwashers and helps consumers keep tabs on their dishwashers and
monitor the appliance from almost anywhere. The technology offers convenient customization options for consumers’ favorite cycle/option combinations, as well as the ability to personalize the PowerControl spray arm for a specific load. Additionally, Home Connect provides smart reordering of detergent tabs through Amazon Alexa Smart Reorder when the dishwasher detects low supply, notification when the cycle is completed, automatic notification and shutdown if leaks occur and status updates come to your phone. Hands-free voice control is available when paired with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Additionally, consumers can expect new modern handle designs complete with fingerprint-resistant stainless steel and a sleek control panel with intuitive touch controls across the full lineup.

The all-new dishwasher line from Bosch is available now with options starting at $549 -$1,799 at select retailers nationwide. Experience the future of dishwashing and put an end to contention in the kitchen. For more information about the new dishwashers and to find a retailer near you, please visit here.

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