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Antop Bringing Its Own Brand Of TV Antennas To CES For First Time

Antop is heading to CES 2017 for the first time to show off its new branded line of digital TV antennas.

The company, which has been manufacturing antennas for 35 years for others, will showcase more than 40 products at the show. Among them will be outdoor antennas with anti-UV and waterproof ABS exterior casing to protect the antenna’s internal elements from any weather conditions.

Select models feature the company’s Smartpass amplifier technology, an all-in-one design meant to allow for easier connection and corrected balance between short- and long-range reception. A 4G LTE filter, blocking 3G and 4G signals from wireless phones and networks, is also included, and high-gain digital qualities ensure fewer blind spots, Antop said.

Reception coverage patterns include omnidirectional and multidirectional, while distance range options begin at 40 miles, continuing up to 80 miles from broadcast origination point. The antennas support HDTV, 1080P TV and 4K Ultra HD and are compatible with converters.

Antop will also have its Paper Thin indoor antennas on display at the show. These antennas are lightweight and ultra-thin, measuring just 0.02 of an inch thick. Two variations in reception patterns are available — omnidirectional and multidirectional — while distance ratings vary by model from 30, 40 to 55 miles from signal origination point. Patterning options include a cute flat bow-tie layout as well as multiple square and rectangular designs. All models offer a paintable surface area to allow for further integration into any home’s interior décor. 

Select models feature the Smartpass amplifier technology.

Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.